FORMAT: This is a 1/8th mile index class run on a .400 Pro Tree with a Professional Ladder. Courtesy staging and auto-start is in effect.

SAFETY: All NHRA Safety rules apply for car and driver, including the use of an oil retention device and/or engine diaper is suggested.

BODY/CHASSIS: Door Cars ONLY. No Left Hand Steer Roadsters, Dragsters or Center Steer Roadsters/Altereds.

POWER ADDERS: Any power adder is permitted - nitrous oxide, supercharger or turbocharger.

ELECTRONICS: Throttle stops are permitted. Delay Boxes are permitted. Electric/Air Shifters are permitted. Any ignition.

TIRES: Any size tire and wheel is permitted.

STREET EQUIPMENT: Car must have at least one functional tail light, along with a master cut off switch on the rear of the vehicle.


CLASS SPONSOR DECAL: "Calvert Racing" decal must be installed on base of windshield on the passenger side. (Bottom left hand side when looking at front of vehicle windshield)

SERIES PRESENTED BY SPONSOR DECAL: "Unlimited Products" decal must be installed on base of windshield on the driver's side.(Bottom right hand side when looking at front of vehicle windshield)

PSCA SERIES DECAL: PSCA Decals must be placed on both left & right sides of race car on the rear Quarter Window, Quarter Panel or Wing in a highly visible location

CONTINGENCY PROGRAM & CONTINGENCY DECALS: In order to receive Contingency Monies from any of the listed Contingency Sponsors, you must have the correct product listed and matching Contingency Decal for that product on your car for the entire PSCA Racing Event... Racers will be checked for Products & Decals while be tech'd in and winners & runner-ups again will be checked in the Winner's Circle after the conclusion of each event. Winners & Runner-ups failing to show up for this mandatory Inspection will forfeit all Contingency Money that is owed!!!! All Contingency Decals may appear anywhere on the vehicle in a clear and organized fashion. Contingency decals may not be overlapped or modified. Most decals are available at the PSCA Event Trailer, but in the event the SCSN does not have the decals in stock, it is the racer's responsibility to obtain the proper decals to be eligible for the Contingency payout.


WINNERS CIRCLE PICTURES & CONTINGENCY VERIFICATION: 6.0 Index Winner & Runner-up must return to the PSCA Winners Circle Area for Official Photographs and Contingency Verification. Failing to do so, will result in loss of all contingency monies earned. There are no exceptions!!!

Once Your Vehicle Passes Tech Inspection, There Are No Refunds!!!

$1,500 / To Win
$250 / Runner-up
$150 / Semi's
Entry Fee: $125 (Driver & Track Tech Card)
*Full Payout based on 12 Qualified Cars

Heather Roth: Event Coordinator
Call/Text 1-702-701-6464

Mel Roth: President
Call/Text 1-661-917-3078

All rules subject to change at the sole discretion of the PSCA Technical Services Department.