• Real OEM or Factory Replacement Door Car Only…. No Pro Mod/Pro Stock/Top Sportsman/Carbon-Fiberglass Shells
Body Must Retain All Factory Dimensions

• No Full-Tube Chassis Permitted
• Wheelbase must remain within 2″ from factory stock OEM Specs for Year & Model of Vehicle entered
• No Wheelie Bars
• Small Block Boost No Restrictions
• No Billet (Block or Heads) Twin Turbo Big Block Combo’s allowed
• Twin Turbo All Cast Big Block Combo’s allowed but limited to 4.84/4.90 Bore Space
• Small Block Nitrous No Restrictions
• Big Block Nitrous limited to 5.00” Bore Space
• Max Tire Size 275 Drag Radial or 29.5×10.5 Slick/Radial Slick (no W’s / Bracket Radials OK)
• 1/8th Mile – Scoreboards will be turned off!
• Chip Draw for each elimination round